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Gearbox designed according to your requirements

In February this year, two five-stage bevel planetary gear units with torsion shaft systems were delivered to a company in the German-speaking region. This provider of sustainable complex solutions for global mineral processing and the metal refining industry has been a customer for over ten years.

”The two gear units with different sizes will ultimately be used in China and Africa, although test scenarios still have to be carried out in our company for one of the two. These tests are expected to be completed by the end of this month,” says Patrick Rudolf, Sales Manager at ZIMM Germany. He continues: ”More orders for similar gear units are already in the bidding phase. These gear units will be used in iron ore pellet plants, where they are responsible for driving large grate wagon belts in the pelleting and sintering process.”

Details on the design of the gear units

Our bevel planetary gear units are fitted with a hollow shaft and a shrink disc as a slip-on gear mechanism on the shaft extension of a sprocket. An additional lubrication system counteracts slow-speed wear. Also included in the scope of delivery are drum brakes, propeller shafts and safety friction clutches.     

Torque input is absorbed by torsion shaft stabilization struts (TWA). The torsion shaft not only forms the form closure between the two support frames, but also ensures an even power transmission to the foundation. The distance between this and the shaft extension is compensated by two fork rods.

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