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As announced at the end of March, by 2030, the US government under President Joe Biden wants to have supplied more than ten million households with environmentally-friendly electricity by building wind farms along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The aim is to produce 30 GW (30 billion Watts) of wind power. In order to achieve this goal, an investment of over twelve billion dollars (EUR 10.2 billion) is necessary. Denmark is also relying on offshore wind power for the long term. That is why parliament decided in February this year to build a huge, artificial energy island in the middle of the North Sea. The largest construction project in the history of this country, with costs of around 25 billion EUR and a planned capacity of 10 GW (10 billion Watts) wind power, is intended to act as a European hub for the surrounding offshore wind farms and make a sustainable contribution to the implementation of the EU’s climate targets.

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These two examples show that a new era of energy policy is increasingly being pursued internationally in order to be able to drive a reduction in CO2 emissions. Whether as a gearbox supplier for new systems or as a supplier of spare parts, ZIMM, with its unique experience, is your perfect contact for a breath of fresh air in the implementation of wind turbines. 

For more than 25 years we have been gearbox partners of leading wind turbine manufacturers in the supply of high-quality pitch drives and azimuth gearboxes. ZIMM not only supports downstream service companies, but also plant manufacturers and wind farm operators.

From extremely service-oriented customer support, through engineering, to customer-specific custom-made products, everything comes from a single source with us – with 148 years of experience in gearbox manufacturing.

We will be happy to share our expertise with you in person – if you wish, we can give you a tour of the factory. We are here for you – your inquiry is our drive.

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