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Getting curious? Then send your application via the job offers underneath. In case you are not able to find a suitable job there, please try to look again some time later or use the possibility of unsolicited application. We are looking forward to getting to know you.*

*While we have a broad range of people from many countries, different backgrounds, cultures and languages working at the office. The main business language is German, hence why our career portal is in German only. Please, either send your application through in German or English, thank you.

Understand. Develop. Implement. Deliver.

Our goal is to reach a common understanding of the tasks which lie ahead and thus with the help of extraordinary and innovative approach to develop a concept for the customers and then implement it in clear structures so that a carefully considered product is delivered to the customer, tailor-made to meet his needs. While doing so, we place an emphasis on reserving free space for creativity and individuality as well as courage with respect to new ideas.

This is what expects you with us when you join in:

Company Philosophy

Because we cooperate with our colleagues very closely, we place a special emphasis that our employees learn from each other, meet each other as human beings on the same level and help each other. That’s why we have an “Open-Door-Policy” in the whole company. Hence, also the management have their doors always opened for everyone.

Education and Continuous Education

“Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is.” We see it the same way Henry Ford did and therefore the education, further education and continuous education enjoys a very high status in our company. The ongoing nature of education and development of our employees is a major issue and therefore it is actively supported.

Health Promotion & Work-Life-Balance

Company physician, precautionary examinations, medical check-ups or vaccination programmes are regularly offered for our employees at the company’s headquarters. Moreover, we make it a priority that our employees may enjoy their resting time in order to relax and recover, therefore – on a voluntary basis and depending on your work schedule – the weekend starts for you on Friday at noon!


The company is located in Ohorn and it is easily accessible by city and regional buses. The bicycle friendly infrastructure additionally enables to reach the company stress-free by bike.

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