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Mirko Kockel, Dominik Mütze and Niklas Pilz started their apprenticeship as cutting machine operators specialising in turning technology at C.H. Schäfer in 2017 and they have just successfully completed it at ZIMM Germany GmbH. Despite the massive cancellation of classes due to coronavirus, they have always tried and learnt hard with maximum support of the company. All of them passed the practical test with good results. 

Cutting machine operators manufacture dimensionally accurate workpieces for machines, devices and systems. This is done by drilling, milling, turning and grinding on conventional and CNC-controlled machine tools. Programmes are created, entered and optimised independently. The areas of activity also include the alignment and clamping of tools and workpieces up to the inspection of workpieces and quality assurance. 

With a lot of hard work, perseverance and discipline, the apprentices finally reached a major milestone. Those distinctive years are over, and each and every one of them will contribute to the company with their commitment, knowledge and skills. All three have signed their new employment contract with ZIMM Germany GmbH. Congratulations to the successful apprentices on passing their final apprenticeship examination!

“It is important that you have a good feeling about the job you are striving for. I’ve always been interested in a technical profession and I like working on the machines. I think it’s great to see how a part for a gearbox can be made from a blank, and how I can do my bit.” – Mirko Kockel | Cutting machine operator.

ZIMM Industrial and special gearboxes
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